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Jewelry´s cares

We want to give some tips to the jewerly purchased in our web, keep the greatness for any years and reach future generations.

The jewelry should be stored in boxes or in different hábitats independent jeweler, to protected from rubbing each other.

Don´t use the jewerly if you are going to do exercise or in some activity in contact with abrasives. The jewerly could be scratching or change the color.

Ideally wear the jewerly once a year a profesional, who with specific machines will clean of substances such as dust, cosmetic, soap, etc. Also check the tips and frames, to avoid falls or losses gems.

If for any reason, you prefer clean jewerly at home, make a mixtures of warm wáter and mild soap in a container. Let the jewerly soak a few minutes, so that the dirt falls off. With a fine brush (ex. Toothbrush) rub the stones without touching them with your fingers and rinse. Then dry them with a clean soft cloth.

In the case of diamonds, there is another option to extract very bright. Make a blend with 85% cold wáter 15% ammonia and introduce the jewerly in the product for about half and hour. Then continue with the procedure of soapy wáter.



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