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Diamonds keys

A diamond is forever and in Mussui we want to show the key to a correct choice.

All you need to know, to understand its value is that it´s formed by carbon, a very common element on earth, but when it reach high depths around 140 to 190 km, pressures and extreme temperaturas, it crystallizes forming diamonds, the hardest material on earth. With the earth cortex movements, such volcanic activity, those diamonds may be transported to the Surface.

Each diamond is unique and its value is determined by four factors known as the 4C´s. Weight (carat), color (color), height (cut) and purity (clarity)

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The grams/carats ratio is 1 to 5. Thus, 1 gram equivalent to 5 carats and consequently, 1 carat equal to 0,20 grams.

Cut diamonds have not the same weight as other precious stones, as each type has its own density. The large size are more valuable because in its natural transformation, it is difficult to crystallize in large volumes.

The same goes for the color, the more colorless diamonds are more exclusive, affecting its value the subtle variations in tone. The color covers different ranges of white, from completely colorless to yellow or brown.

Depending on the cut to made to the gem, its lose or gain brilliance. A natural diamond is completely different with anothe cuted diamond. The rough stone called diamond and the best known and classical carving, used in jewelry, is the round brilliant cut called. Of which the best angle of refraction of light are obtained.

There are other sizes resulting from the bright, with the same or similar distribution of the facets, but without being rounded shape. These are oval, Marquis, heart, pear or knob and pad.

The purity is measured by the clarity of the mineral. All signals or natural diamonds have flaws, called inclusions, formed by minerals or fractures produced during their training. The fewer inclusions have bright, the more valuable it will be.

All diamonds comercialized by Mussui are certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme ( KPCS ) process that guarantee that we are not financing war and/or involved on human rights abuses by buying those diamonds.


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